Addictive Learning

Our mission is simple: to use state-of-the-art research in educational psychology, graphic design, and social motivation to gamify education so that students aren't forced to learn, they want to learn. 

Knowledge + Magick = Knogick


The current stage of our game's alpha release.

Knogick Monsters: Alpha Release v2.0

Currently, we have full functionality on all basic game features, as well as the basic combat system integrating some areas of SAT I math. This demo lacks the expanded monster set, move set, level set, and castle set. The file link below is a standard Android application package file (APK) and can be installed on any Android operating system. To run the demo on a Windows or OSX device, please download and install the emulator from BlueStacks!

Our official Google Play Store and iTunes App Store launch date is set for December 2013!